Beautiful fragrances influence our emotions, thoughts, joyful memories and immediate state of mind like no other sensory stimulation. Throughout our lives we have associated happy, sharing and celebratory moments with the special fragrances and aromas that surrounded the events and activities which have now taken center-stage as our fondest memories. Fragrance can also play an important role when we are working and studying. It assists with calmness and clarity of thought, helping one work through tight deadlines and challenging situations, as well as creating an atmosphere to foster collaboration and effective communication in the work place.

To Be Calm's range of fragrances was created out of recognition that we cannot always control the busy and often challenging circumstances of our daily lives. We can however do a great deal to create an atmosphere and environment which calms our busy minds and embraces positive thoughts. We can bring fragrances which evoke happy memories in to our homes and offices and in to those of our friends and loved ones.

To Be Calm's ethos is to Identify, Create and Enjoy. Identify comes in recognizing the atmosphere you wish to create for the moment you are living in, or expressing a sentiment and message of care when giving a gift. Using To Be Calm's thoughtfully composed fragrances will create a beautiful, balanced atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.

The Founder of To Be Calm

Almost 30 years in the corporate world with regional and global responsibilities that demand frequent travel, late-night conference calls, constant attention to detail and responsibility for large teams across multiple cultures, together with being a loving wife and mother of two, has shaped Cherylynne Clews' attitudes and philosophies on life.

"It often feels that you need to be all things to all people - most importantly the ones you love. Being busy sometimes makes it difficult to stay in touch with your own needs and take a little time to be kind to yourself. I have always loved fragrance and have for most of my life recognized and appreciated the role it plays in creating a calm and optimal atmosphere, much like a warm-embrace. Calmness is not just about relaxing it is a state of mind.

The feedback I received from colleagues on the candles and fragrances I introduced in our workplace was compelling. Their enthusiastic feedback inspired me even further to develop my passion for fragrance and my commitment to creating a pleasing and positive environment at home and work.

In establishing To Be Calm, the most important thing for me was to create beautiful and affordable products of the highest quality, for people to share and enjoy as part of their daily lives. I aim to enable people to use fragrance in its many forms, to create an optimal environment to perform at their best."

Identify, Create, Enjoy

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