Calm is a must have blend in all homes particularly those that are very busy with young children. Designed to calm and balance the mind, creating an environment whereby everyone feels more settled and balanced. Equally useful in the office when dealing with stressful situations or heightened emotions. The soothing lavender and patchouli aids the calming aspects of this blend with the citrus from the mandarin uplifting the mind. 

Purpose: Settles anxiety, crabbiness and can aid sleep. 

  • Essential Oil Blend
  • 100% pure and natural. Especially formulated and tested by professionals to deliver the maximum benefits of aromatherapy.
  • We take away both the guesswork and any complexity, in order for you to enjoy highly effective blends created for a specific purpose.
  • Specially formulated by Aromatherapy professionals to take the guess work out of blending.
  • Each concentrated blend is derived from 100% pure essential oils carefully combined for their unique properties.
  • Every oil is packed in an amber glass bottle with a tamper evident seal and includes a batch number and use by date.
  • May  be used in aroma burner, electronic diffusers, room spray, bath, foot spa, inhalation, compress or blended in an unscented carrier oil, balm or base products. . 
  • 10ml
  • Made in Australia

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