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Delight in the ever present and beautiful fragrance of a To Be Calm diffuser, reflecting the same thoughtful approach to scent creation as with our luxury candles. Each diffuser can embrace the mood you wish to create, whether it be in the home or the office. The versatility of the scent from subtle to robust is in your control.

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A Shared Secret Diffuser
Experience: A familiar favorite - great for the soul. A lovely & highly relatable fragrance whi..
SGD 55.00
A Shared Smile Diffuser
Experience: Fills the room with a rich aroma. Excellent for excitable conditions, settling the nerv..
SGD 55.00
A Warm Embrace Diffuser
Experience: Drift away in the warm, comforting embrace of Lavender, supported by the floral underto..
SGD 55.00
Beautiful Day Diffuser
Experience: A great gift to those who wish to be encouraged or rewarded for patience and tenacity. ..
SGD 55.00
Celebrate Diffuser
Create the Ambiance of The holiday season with this enchanting festive fragrance. With Fragrant F..
SGD 55.00
Conference Calls Diffuser
Experience: Engages the mind with a mildly sweet yet subtle edge of sharpness. Great for concentrat..
SGD 55.00
Enchantment Diffuser
Experience: A warm, soothing aroma perfect for places of quiet contemplation and relaxation. Fra..
SGD 55.00
Enjoy Diffuser
Fragrances: Yuzu & Black Tea ..
SGD 55.00
Feel Good Diffuser
As its name suggests this Diffuser will make you feel good.  The delightful citrus of the Grape..
SGD 55.00
Happiness Diffuser
Fragrances: Nectarine Blossom & Honey ..
SGD 55.00
Joy Diffuser
Create the Ambiance of The holiday season with this enchanting festive fragrance. With Cinnamon a..
SGD 55.00
Just Be Diffuser
With the freshness of the Lemongrass and the grounding of the Sage this is a lovely fragrance to hav..
SGD 55.00
Meadow Diffuser
Fragrances: Fresh Cut Grass & Corriander Flowers. ..
SGD 55.00
Presence Diffuser
Experience: A deep, grounding aroma which commands the room and engages the mind. Fragrances: A..
SGD 55.00
Quiet Conversations Diffuser
Experience: An exquisite, exotic fragrance. Creates a lovely vibrant atmosphere in any room. Calmin..
SGD 55.00
Summer Diffuser
Experience: A warm, sensual fragrance reminiscent of early summer mornings in the garden. Fragra..
SGD 55.00
Travellers Journey Diffuser
Experience: A lovely gentle grounding aroma, intensely comforting for tiredness and fatigue.Warming..
SGD 55.00
Travellers Rest Diffuser
Experience: A lovely robust fragrance that creates a relaxed atmosphere. It will evoke memories of ..
SGD 55.00
Large Aromatherapy Electronic Diffuser
500ml capacity. Ultrasonic frequency 2.4MHz Max time 10 hours with timer options Auto of..
SGD 90.00
Medium Aromatherapy Electronic Diffuser
120ml capacity. Ultrasonic frequency 2.4MHz. Max time 6 hours/ Auto off when waterless 3..
SGD 55.00
Wellness On The Move USB Electronic Aromatherapy Diffuser,
75ml capacity. Ultrasonic frequency 3.0MHz with USB connector for laptop Max time 2 hours, Auto..
SGD 55.00