Tea Caddy

A delightful range of fragrances to choose from, beautifully designed in collaboration with a Singaporean Artist, reflecting a delicate and elegant style to the vessels. Using only premium ingredients, of Pure Soy Wax, blended with premium fragrance oils from France & Essential Oils from Australia, these candles have a magnificent throw of fragrance and are adored by all.

Recognising that fragrance can play a big part in creating an optimal state of mind, this range has been created to address the many ‘fragrance moods’ one may have.  We encourage you to take your time and explore the many fragrance options to delight, your senses.

To Be Calm specialises in creating beautiful gift sets of thoughtful fragrance combinations and designs. Start by identifying the mood you wish to create, select the fragrance you desire and enjoy.

  • Ceramic Tea Caddy  
  • 80 hour burn time
  • Refillable at To Be Calm stores
  • Pure Soy
  • Clean Burning
  • All natural cotton wick & lead free
  • Hand Poured
  • Full Fragranced
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