A twin pack of pure & natural ingredients comprising beautiful and refreshing shower gel and hydrating body moisturiser, packed with rich body butters and pure essential oils to both clean and nourish the skin.

Relax Lavender Body Wash
Calming & Soothing. Enjoy the relaxed feeling every time you shower with the blissful blend of relaxing essential oils to calm, soothe and de-stress as you shower. Enriched with pure essential oil of Lavender, Ho Leaf, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood. SLS free and gentle to the skin.

Relax Lavender Moisturising Lotion
Enjoy the Aromatherapy benefits of this blissful formula of pure relaxing essential oils Lavender, Ho Leaf and Sandalwood to calm, soothe and de-stress, blended with rich hydrating body butters and oils of Macadamia, Almond & Coconut Oil to hydrate the skin. Purpose: Hydrating & relaxing. Effective for irritated skin that needs gentle soothing. Both Products do not artificial fragrances or ingredients.

No artificial fragrances or ingredients.

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